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Thinking of selling?

We have created an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to help you sell your item at auction.

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Jewellery Auctions Unlimited provides appraisals online and onsite (by appointment only). To arrange an inspection see our Contact Us page.

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After the initial inspection, you may decide to offer your items up for auction. If so, our specialists will guide you through this process and recommend a suitable auction for your item/s and an appropriate estimate/s.

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Once Jewellery Auctions Unlimited  receives your item/s they will be processed and lotted into the recommended auction. After the successful sale of your item, you will receive payment into your nominated bank account, minus commission and fees.

We charge 13% commission to consign your items. Upon consignment we require a signed agreement to our terms and conditions in addition to all your contact details..

We do not accept any items un-sighted. Items must be sighted via our Appraisals & Valuations service or have a previous valuation certificate submitted via our Contact Us page. Estimate prices given via photographs are subject to change upon inspection once received. Please ensure you advise us promptly of any damage, quality, age or condition issues of the item and avoid s
ending low quality images as this can change dramatically the market value of the item. We are a quality controlled auction house and do not accept broken, damaged goods or general household items.


Once you have registered you will be redirected to create an auction account

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